4-month battle fought by ISIS Canada returned the X-model, shared experience Creepy

Ottawa (Canada). Islamic State of Syria to fight the militants, a Canadian former model has now returned home. Kurdish militants fighting against the fighters of the People’s Protection Unit, who is waging a war for the four months to 46-year-old Tiger Vancouver Sun (Canada) belonged to. In an interview to an English website Tiger creepy experience during the war are shared. He said that if he got the chance he would return to Syria again.

Kurdish People's Protection
Kurdish People’s Protection
Why did fight
Tiger mother of a baby girl. He was born in Zambia. He had relations with a Lebanese man who had been released. Syria before being ISIS saw the propaganda video in which Ottawa (Canada), was shown to Makgure jihadists. The video led to the fight against Tiger ISIS. Then Tiger Islamic State except your child to fight March this year went to Syria. Though not specific weapons training was burning with the desire to fight against the terrorists.
Creepy experience shared
by Tiger terrorists to share experiences during the war. He explained how his eyes saw a child dying in the Landmine blast. Kurds were not to save her medical training and the facilities. He said while patrolling once fell on his leg amputated finger. Even after finding the body of a dead man did not rest.In the interview he said, “To be honest, after a while I got used to seeing violence. The corpses were not distract me. However, I have friends who lost their memory does create.”
Tiger terrorists were active to find
the group in June Tiger Aebyd floor occupied Syrian north, near the Turkish border. ISIS The city used to sell black market and smuggling oil does. Tiger was with a woman in the war, which killed 28 jihadists. However, Tiger did not hit any terrorist. Tiger said, “The terrorists were always away from my target. I took my binoculars. I looked through binoculars reveals their location to their group. During the war there were bodies lying around us. Once I sit in place had lunch, where rotting corpses and human skulls were lying around. “
Women and men fight with
Tiger revealed that Kurdish women and men in the army together to fight against terrorists. Tiger said, many of them are having sex. Most people have such relationships Secret. Tiger said the model during the war despite their fellow fighters be treated with equality.
ISIS has ranged from 7 thousand women fighters
were part of the Canadian model of Tiger Protection Unit of the People, the nearly 7,000 women fighters who are fighting the terrorists. The group has been fighting for the rights of the Kurdish people. Most of these women fighters who ever before that did not participate in this kind of military activity or sports. According to a report by the US State Department, ISIS women who are fighting in Iraq and Syria, 90% of them fighters, have been either single or separated from husbands. These women fighters in Syria’s routine NBC report According to the Women Protection Unit training hard in the beginning to join the fighters were given. He would get up at 4:30 in the morning. The first one-hour drill and then given weapons training. They also sent Yjidi refugee camp so that they could be aware of the fact that ISIS because of the terror of what kind of people are facing difficulties. They are assigned different work day. Mental strength of these women fighters to enhance their sessions are held. Drill and practice is again in the evening of weapons. The Women Fighters gets just 6 hours sleep.

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