Airbnb introduces collaborative wish lists

At its 2016 OpenAir conference in San Francisco, Airbnb today announced the launch of collaborative wish lists — an easy way for a bunch of people to work together to figure out where they want to stay for a trip.
Airbnb added the wish list feature in 2012, and now 20 million people have used it. But people regularly end up using it as a starting point to plan trips they’ll be taking with others. So it makes sense to let people work on wish lists together, not just separately.
Once you favorite a listing — by hitting the heart button — you’ll be able to add it to a wish list. If you’re creating a new wish list, you can invite other people, using their Airbnb accounts or their email address. You can add a message if you want and poof, Airbnb will reach out by email with a way to join in.
And from there, everyone can vote on a listing, said Airbnb vice president of engineering Mike Curtis.
San Francisco-based Airbnb raised $1.5 billion in new funding last year.

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Airbnb introduces collaborative wish lists
Airbnb introduces collaborative wish lists

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