Apple news site MacNN is shutting down on July 1

MacNN, a website devoted to coverage of all things Apple for more than 20 years, will be closing down on July 1.
MacNN — short for Macintosh News Network — editor Charles Martin today delivered the news in a post on the site entitled, “End of the road for MacNN: 21 years of changes for Apple, and for us.”
“It’s kind of amazing we made it this far — only TidBITs and MacWorld are older and still around — but we’ve been told we’re packing it in,” Martin wrote. “We’ve joked before that Apple becoming a huge mainstream company is the worst thing that ever happened to us, but it’s true: there’s less need for an Apple-specific news site when news about Apple is plastered everywhere, on every site, all the time.”
Martin isn’t clear on the exact causes of the closure of the site, which opened in 1995, when there was just one development platform to cover — Mac OS. But these days, with Apple being as big as it is, news about the company and its products can be found on plenty other Apple news sites, as well as more general technology news websites (like this one), as well as from traditional news outlets. It isn’t always easy to stand out.
Other Apple-oriented sites “have never been thought of as our competition, more a part of a larger family,” Martin wrote. Even so, Apple news just isn’t the limited and precious thing for a small pool of users and followers that it once was, and the audience for advertisements is not as distinctive.
In the age of Business Insider, BuzzFeed, and the Verge, some smaller technology media outlets have struggled. Last year Gigaom closed and ReadWrite was acquired by Wearable World. IDG stopped publishing Macworld magazine in 2014, although Macworld’s website lives on.
San Francisco-based MacNN (owned by MNM Media LLC) began in late 1995, and it still has lively forums.
“We’ll be around through the end of the month, and we hope you’ll stay here until then — we plan to continue our coverage of major Apple news, though we’ll be ratcheting down our columns and such,” wrote Martin, a former Apple employee who has been editor of the site since 2010.
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Apple news site MacNN is shutting down on July 1
Apple news site MacNN is shutting down on July 1

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