ASO master class: How to battle back against Black Hat ASO (VB Live)

VB LIVE: Not all companies play on the up and up. Some go to the dark side and use Black Hat ASO to help their app rankings. In the fourth part of this in-depth six-part master class series on ASO, our experts will give you the lowdown on Black Hat tactics, and help you to make sure your White Hat ASO gets noticed in the crowd.
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There are no shortcuts to success, but that doesn’t stop some companies from trying that route. Every mobile app maker desires the undivided attention of casual users scrolling through Google Play, iOS, or Amazon, but how far should one go to acquire that popularity? Black Hat ASO tactics are among the ways developers can raise their app’s visibility on the marketplace…however, their implementation are often seen as unethical.
Stuffing irrelevant keywords in an app’s title or description, purchasing deceptive user reviews, and buying installations to inflate an app’s ranking on the charts are just some of the tricks used by developers looking for momentary success. Using these devious tactics may seem harmless at first, but when Apple bans the app for participating in Black Hat ASO, it won’t seem so innocent anymore. Unfortunately, despite the heavy risk, we’re still seeing developers participating in Black Hat ASO, which boosts their apps at the cost of other developers who use ethical methods. These shady tactics steal the spotlight from legit apps, but at the same time put them at risk of being banned as well.
How can app makers steer clear of those utilizing Black Hat ASO without employing the same dirty deeds themselves?
In Part 4 of this in-depth six-part masterclass series on ASO, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of Black Hat ASO and lecture you on everything you need to know. We’ll teach you the how, when, and where app companies are employing Black Hat ASO tactics to manipulate algorithms, as well as how you can counteract them with appropriate and effective strategies to get your app noticed in the marketplace. Not only will your app get noticed the “right way,” you won’t jeopardize your standing with Apple, Google, or Amazon, put your app at risk of being banned, and kill your credibility in the process.
Black Hat ASO has transformed the app marketplace in all the worst ways, so it’s important to brush up on the methods you can use to combat these fiendish tactics before it’s too late. VentureBeat analyst Peggy Anne Salz will be joined by world-leading ASO expert Gabriel Machuret (author of “App Store Optimization Bible: Learn how to ASO your apps”) to deliver valuable insight that will prepare you for your fight against Black Hat ASO and instruct you how to use White Hat ASO effectively.

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In this half hour master class, you’ll:

Understand the “hard truth” around app store search and discovery mechanisms that are working against your app — and in favor of clever competitors
Learn proven strategies and tactics to help ‘bulletproof’ your app against attacks
Ignite your app appeal with the power of human user reviews to battle bots and Black Hat devotees

Peggy Anne Salz, VentureBeat analyst
Gabriel Machuret, world-leading ASO author and authority

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ASO master class: How to battle back against Black Hat ASO (VB Live)
ASO master class: How to battle back against Black Hat ASO (VB Live)

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