Between India and Kazakhstan, including the five nuclear energy agreement


India and Kazakhstan Defence, Railways and signed agreements related to five areas, including uranium supply. President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and this agreement between the prime minister Narendra Modi during a meeting occurred. In a joint statement after the talks, Modi said he was happy that the President of Kazakhstan to consider giving additional block for Indian investments with positive feedback on their request.

He said: “We are happy that buy uranium from Kazakhstan and our civil nuclear cooperation agreement is the second big increase.” Modi said, “Kazakhstan is our largest economic partner in the region. We have to move to a new level with the economic relationship will work. ” According to Foreign Ministry spokesman growth pattern tweeted Modi said, “We both agreed that the contact important issue, which we will find the diagnosis.”

Modi Kanprihinsiv UN Security Council and the Convention on International Terrijm (Sisiaiti) on India’s permanent membership in support of Kazakhstan expressed gratitude. As noted, “The two leaders hydrocarbons, civil nuclear energy, human resources, cultural exchanges and capacity building related to the agreement welcomed. ‘International north-south transport corridor between the two sides of profiling and road connectivity to work together on initiatives to improve bilateral agreement.

According to the joint statement, defense and military-technology cooperation agreement, the two leaders also welcomed. According to the statement, “The leaders and the Joint Business Council Business Forum to be welcomed.” According to it, “President Nazarbayev underlined the importance of India in the case of regional and global peace and stability and commended its contribution.”

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