Bhaubali Review – India best movie who earn 60 Crore on 1st Day


North Indian film lovers of the film director’s name may be new, of course, but to tell the audience that came three years ago, the movie “The Fly” was the director’s Monsieur hydration in the body and smile long in coming It will not. That Rajamuli identified. Masala films through the entertainment they move to a level where the facts are not Gujais because their creative craft takes the audience a different world. The fantasy world of film has a similar world, described in myths have been several times in different ways.

India’s most expensive film, as he was this time Rajamuli ‘strongmen’ built whose budget is said to be around Rs 250 crore. The film’s plot is net of mythology. ‘Strongmen’ hero Shiva (Prabhas) grew up hearing stories from her mother. In his village sheltered by the mountains is a huge waterfall, which are prevalent in that ghost behind him.

One day Shiva is a mask, which is dropped from the same fountain.Kautuhl hiding behind the mask of a young woman takes her across the springs, where he encounters Avantika (Tamanna Bhatia) from. Even get to see a whole new world. There is some secrets of his acquaintance. But first he Avantika feeling of being a young woman who has become a warrior in the fire of revenge. Avantika to help her even after knowing the purpose of life and the only queen Devisena (Anushka Shetty) rescue Maheshadipti empire had come to confront.

Even his face Bllal Dev (Rana Dggubati) as powerful-powerful king, his Jabanj general Kttppa (Sathyaraj) and sly father Bzzla Dev (Nasser) occurs. Shiva is stunned to see that the people of the state suffered from the atrocities of Bllal watching her figure looks Jaykare of strongmen strongmen. Who is this strongmen? The thing Bllal, Kttppa and Bzzla is also troubling. somehow freed Devisena Shiva takes and then Kttppa tells him his past, which at one time was loyal to Devisena. This is hidden in the past glory of the Empire and Queen Siwagmi Maheshadipti (ramaia) strong assurance. Bllal and cunning and cruelty of Bzzla.

half-hour interval before the film is moving like a novel. Pratr role with the introduction and slowly comes to a DEP C and after Intvrl chance to blink. There is no gainsaying that the film has shed elegance to provide money like water, which seems worthwhile. Castles, ancient city, crafts, dress, weapons and storytelling manner which binds the film. Special effects through the natural beauty has a new look. The film is wonderful songs, etc., in which special effects have been used to freeze. strategics and his portrayal is pleasing to the heart. The good thing is that this all seems far from Prchhave bloodshed. The cast is also good acting.But many scenes are extremely dark Klta. Especially the scene to rescue Shiva’s queen of the Trib 15-20 minutes and is in complete darkness.

Parunik through stories depicting the elegance and initiative which English films have been seen by now all that is in it. “Harry Potter”, “Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Gladiator’ like a fun and sharpen The film is in. There are few things on Klti. Such language dubbed in Hindi. Aside wonderful, Pratigat, uninterrupted, on the other hand, using terms like crying bury these bodies, like a Tamil-Telugu director Snbodnkkab not know what to tell .. The second part of the film will be released next year. No, not a sequel. The second part, because this time the story speaks only to the strongmen have been identified. Right now there is an end Bllal dev. There is the love story of Shiva and Avantika.



Rating: 4 Stars

Artist: Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Rana Dggubati, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Adivi remaining, Subbaraju

Direction: S. S. Rajamuli

story: v. Vijayendra Prasad

Music: MM Karim

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