Containerization: a real shift in the coming year

64% of organizations will use container production next year warns a new study reports on the state of the art in this field. A major change since to date 16% of companies use in production situation containers.

53% of organizations use (22%) or study the deployment (31%) of containers. In this population, 64% plan to put into production in the coming year. (Source: Cloud Foundry Foundation)

Of containers yes, but why? First to implement application development environments (54%), and take a light approach of sharing resources (42%). Following use cases versioned engine performance (36%) and operating system performance (33%). Finally, the containers are beginning to replace the virtual machines (30%) (read Containers: Are the days of virtualization counted?)

 The main challenges of the implementation of the containers are primarily management (especially large scale), monitoring, persistent storage and security. Next came the development of multi-container applications, patching or difficulty putting them into production. (Source: Cloud Foundry Foundation)

“Even though the increasing adoption of containers is a good thing, companies are discovering the benefits of this technology also brings challenges,” the authors of the study. Problem number 1: container management. 50% of survey respondents report that this is their main concern, especially when the containers are beginning to be widely deployed. 38% of IT managers explain that container tracking is a challenge, followed by storage issues (36%); safety and insulation (30%).

Containerization clearly takes the path of virtualization

On this ground, containerization clearly takes the path of virtualization. Following effect ‘wahoo’ caused by the appearance of the first virtual machine, many questions were asked when the management of multiple VMs. What do the fortunes of the publishers of virtualized instances of management tools.Zero doubt that the same movement again with the containers. At the same time, the issue of security and sealing of containers, if it is still important, is no longer major. Last year, container security was the focus of discussions.

Finally, 92% of respondents said that the only containers are not sufficient to achieve a platform of development, and 84% believe that the container management without Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can be difficult .

The study interviewed 711 IT decision makers (minimum 100 employees) in seven countries. It was conducted by the Foundation Cloud Foundry.

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