E3 2016: Every trailer and announcement so far from Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and more

The gaming industry is coming together in Los Angeles to get everyone worked up about the next wave of big releases, and we’re gonna start cataloging the news. Starting before E3 and continuing through the week of the show, we’ll keep track of the rumors, teasers, and official reveals right here.
So far, we have news and trailers from EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, The PC Gaming Show, and more. Make sure to continue onto page 2 as newer reveals push some of the coolest stuff off the front. Up next, we’ll have Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, and a lot more.
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Announcements, trailers, and more
When a company makes an official announcement, we’ll add it to this section. We’ll post trailers and news on previously announced projects here as well.
Days Gone puts you into the saddle of a postapocalyptic biker bounty hunter

The Last Guardian is coming October 25

The new God of War takes Kratos to Norse mythology

Xbox One’s Project Scropio is real: VR, 4K gaming, and more
Microsoft is going all out with its new Xbox One. It’ll have a new AMD chip that can support VR and 4K gaming, and it’ll debut holiday 2017.
Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller and starts at $300

Microsoft announces Play Anywhere cross-buy service
Microsoft is bringing together its Xbox and PC gaming platforms with its Play Anywhere feature. If a game has a Play Anywhere icon, that means you can buy it on Xbox One and play it on your PC.
Xbox One is getting a new controller
Micosoft has updated its gamepad with a textured grip and a better radio receiver that works at distance. The company is also introducing the Xbox Design Lab where gamers can customize their own controller.

Just Dance is coming to Nintendo NX and nearly everything else next year

AMD unveils three new low-cost cards
AMD is going to power the new Xbox One, and these Polaris chips are behind that.
Dawn of War 3 gets new trailer

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord gameplay trailer

Vampyr trailer

Superhot VR looks impressive in new trailer

Halo Wars 2 beta test launches now and gets new trailer

Scalebound’s giant enemy crab is Platinum’s biggest boss ever

Dead Rising 4 brings back Frank West

Final Fantasy XV boss showed off at E3

Gears of War 4 kicks off Microsoft’s E3 2016

Minecraft is getting cross-play between consoles, PC and mobile
Xbox Live is going to expand Minecraft’s multiplayer features.

We Happy Few is a creepy art-deco world
Developer Compulsion Games is showing off more of its chilling indie game.

The Witcher III’s Gwent is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC

Tekken 7 is not Tekken X Street Fighter, but it has Akuma

Xbox One gets new ReCore trailer

Forza Horizon 3 goes to Australia

State of Decay 2 confirmed

Sea of Thieves gets GamePlay trailer

Gear of War’s General Raam joins Killer Instinct


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E3 2016: Every trailer and announcement so far from Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and more
E3 2016: Every trailer and announcement so far from Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and more

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