East India Company rule India 100 Years Now bought by Indian


You all must have heard the name of the East India Company. The same company, which we ruled over 100 years. But you know that now has an Indian purchases. Yes, it’s absolutely true.

Mumbai-based industrialist Sanjeev Mehta has bought the East India Company, who never gave the Queen of England was conquered India. However Sanjeev Mehta believes that the huge sums of money on had to deal more emotional business deal is a deal. Sanjeev Mehta Major East India Company purchased the shares and now they are the owners of this company. Sanjeev East India Company bought for $ 15 million.

Sanjeev East India Company purchased its 40 stakeholders. In 2010 it was the final deal. According to Sanjeev to buy the company, he has a day-night. Took a break from all business and made it his sole purpose in life.

Born into a family of Mumbai Diamond Mrchent Sanjeev explains that when he bought the East India Company, who never thought they ruled us, today India is the owner of that company. Mehta will bring new business to the East India Company. His plan luxury gift sets and other items to sell through e-commerce. He has launched the brand on the Indian Independence Day.

East India Company was started in 1600. The company’s business around the world in the 17th and 18th centuries was ruled. East India Company arrived in India in 1757 and gradually their divide-and-rule policy on the strength of it was captured on India.

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