Fifth Harmony's '7/27': 6 must-listen songs


Fifth Harmony are back, armed with tool belts and an arsenal of anthemic pop hits on their just-released sophomore album, 7/27. Packed with trop house and throwbacks alike and oozing with feminism, it’s likely to please Harmonizers who have been waiting ever so patiently since last year’s Reflection.  

In one album, there’s likely at least four contenders for the highly coveted Song of the Summer. There isn’t much filler here at all — it’s packed tight, trimmed and polished until you can see your reflection in it — but someone has to pick the best, so here goes: 

“Not That Kinda Girl”

Alternate title: “Fifth Harmony Makes a Prince Song.” Most of the members of 5H are likely a little too young to grow up on Prince — they range in age from 17 to 21 — but the legacy of the Purple One is everywhere, and it makes for what is undoubtedly the album’s strongest track, and one of the group’s best songs to date.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Missy Elliott drops by for a killer verse.  Read more…

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Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’: 6 must-listen songs
Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’: 6 must-listen songs

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