Game broadcasting software Xsplit attracts 200K new users every month

You have a million ways to livestream your gameplay to sites like Twitch and YouTube, but one of the more professional solutions is getting an update.
Xsplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster, the game-livestreaming tools of SplitmediaLabs, are getting an update today, and the company is highlighting its growth. With millions of people livestreaming their gameplay, Xsplit is seeing more than 200,000 people a month sign up for new accounts. Since launching in 2012, SplitmediaLabs also notes that its Xsplit software has gone out as bundled software with more than 5 million hardware devices.
Xsplit also revealed that it is working with 120 indie developers and 90 YouTube creators and Twitch broadcasters as part of its Indie[dots]Xsplit and Xsplit Elite Partner Program, respectively. Together, these clients have more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.5 million Twitch followers.
“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish,” SplitmediaLabs chief marketing officer John Howe Marshall said in a canned statement. “Our community is nothing short of amazing, and we hope they enjoy the new toys and tools that will be available in the 2.8 update.”
Today, the tech firm is aiming to keep that momentum with its latest update. Xsplit 2.8 introduces keys features and an updated interface for Gamecaster. The company breaks it down in the following video.

Highlights of the update include the option to incorporate YouTube chat into your videos, the option to have unlimited scenes, and a new plugin store that can make the Broadcaster software even more powerful.
While Xsplit is popular, it faces competition from a number of simple options like Nvidia’s Shadowplay and Microsoft’s Xbox Gamebar. But most people looking to have a lot of control over their videos use Xsplit or the Open Broadcaster Software, which is completely free.

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Game broadcasting software Xsplit attracts 200K new users every month
Game broadcasting software Xsplit attracts 200K new users every month

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