GamesBeat weekly roundup: Behind the new God of War, and the Nintendo 64 turns 20

Welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! We’re still posting stories from last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, including interviews with the director of the new God of War, Cory Barlog. Also, Mighty No. 9 has a rough start, and Overwatch makes a ton of money in digital sales.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Pieces of flair and opinion

The DeanBeat: Shooters. Zombies. Pirates. Gods. My picks for the best games of E3
GamesBeat’s E3 Non-Awards: Most hectic multiplayer game to try on a small TV
Why mobile game developers should take influencer marketing seriously
Here’s a handsome boy (Jon Snow actor Kit Harington) in a face scanner for Call of Duty
Nintendo 64 turns 20: Our favorite games
Watch us play: Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64 turns 20 and is still one of the greatest 3D games ever
The Nintendo 64 is now 20 years old
GamesBeat’s E3 Non-Awards: Best beard that signifies maturity and hipness
GamesBeat’s E3 Non-Awards: Best showfloor booth boy with a whip and cowboy hat
Introducing the GamesBeat 2016 developer contest
Quake shook up the shooter market 20 years ago
GamesBeat 2016 will examine AR and VR beyond games
E3 2016: PlayStation VR made Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey ‘really happy’
PlayStation VR’s weakness is the Move controller
Yoshi’s feet and other secrets about Mario’s dinosaur friend
The most popular games of E3 2016, based on this week’s search results

Above: They look rich.Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

More Pokémon Sun and Moon details are coming on July 1
GamesBeat’s E3 Non-Awards: The VR game that induced an out-of-body experience
Civilization V is set to invade North America’s high schools
Nintendo insists that Paper Mario: Color Splash joke wasn’t about Gamergate [update]
Overwatch is a digital-sales behemoth with $269M in May, according to analyst
Twitch will give out $63,000 in prizes at TwitchCon cosplay contest
Pac-Man 256 is munching endless pellets on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam
FCC head Tom Wheeler: Virtual reality ‘shouldn’t have gatekeepers’
Minecraft’s new add-ons turn you into a modder
Piper raises $2.1M in seed funding for kids’ DIY computer kits and education push
Minecraft Realms won’t require Xbox Live Gold for cross-platform play
Mighty No. 9’s launch is a mess, but Deep Silver promises relief to Wii U players
Fable Fortune closes its Kickstarter campaign — because it’s found outside funding
Science Game Lab to be a central hub for scientists and gamers
GamEffective raises $7 million to gamify worker performance
VR report says consumer interest in virtual reality goes far beyond games
Minecraft: Wii U Edition gets a physical release
How the Virtual Reality Company will use $23 million in fresh funding

Above: Vainglory gets the Amazon Appstore as a sponsor.Image Credit: Super Evil Megacorp
Mobile and social

Analysis of 10 billion mobile video ads shows what gets your app installed
Kill Shot Bravo developer finds partner to launch sniper game in China
Vainglory snags Amazon Appstore as a major esports sponsor
Zynga chills out with launch of Ice Age: Arctic Blast mobile match-3 game
With Supercell, China’s Tencent will command 13% of $99 billion game business
South Korea’s Netmarble uses Marvel to bring its mobile games to the West
Tencent-led consortium to acquire up to 84% stake in Supercell from SoftBank at $10.2 billion valuation
Irreverent indie house Devolver Digital releases the Xsplit game-broadcasting tool on Steam
Asus is the most popular brand among PC gamers in the U.S.
[Updated] Nix Hydra’s Egg! mobile game tops 2 million downloads in first two weeks

Previews, reviews, and interviews

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s hero is fighting against religion as much as robot dinosaurs
How Activision will make Call of Duty into a bigger esports draw
Warner Bros. is racing ahead with internal studios creating console and PC games
God of War director Cory Balrog says that Sony’s violent series is growing up with the industry
Asus is the most popular brand among PC gamers in the U.S.
As Alienware turns 20, the line between PCs and game consoles blurs
How Days Gone creators built the horde of zombie-like creatures in their E3 demo
Infinity Ward explains its dazzling ship assault demo for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Sony’s Cory Barlog answers our questions about the amazing God of War demo
Guerrilla Games explains the story behind the PlayStation 4’s Horizon: Zero Dawn

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GamesBeat weekly roundup: Behind the new God of War, and the Nintendo 64 turns 20
GamesBeat weekly roundup: Behind the new God of War, and the Nintendo 64 turns 20

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