GamesBeat weekly roundup: Overwatch is a hit, and Minecraft passes 100M sold

Welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, we look at the quirky Dangerous Golf, Donald Trump goes under the knife in Surgeon Simulator, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End artists talk about the PlayStation 4’s blockbuster’s incredible landscapes.
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Pieces of flair and opinion

The DeanBeat: Blizzard has a big hit again with Overwatch
Immortals chairman and esports investor Clinton Foy will join us at GamesBeat 2016
GamesBeat hits the road for mobile gaming events in New York and Seattle
36% of Americans over the age of 50 play video games
Surgeon Simulator update takes you deep inside Donald Trump
How Uncharted 4’s artists created their amazing landscapes
Fallout 4’s official mod portal drew 50 times more traffic on Xbox One than on PC
Overwatch: Watch us open 50 loot boxes
Activision Blizzard’s Mike Sepso will speak on esports going mainstream at GamesBeat 2016
Skylanders embraces user-generated content with Skylanders Imaginators
It’s OK to get mad with Overwatch players for ruining your game — but don’t be an ass
The origins and secrets of the Super Mario Galaxy games
How Just Cause 3 added goofy mechs to a silly, explosive game
The rise and fall of Nintendo’s Miitomo: Massive downloads don’t mean success

Above: The Sims 4 adds diversity.Image Credit: Associated Press

Neverwinter’s getting D&D’s new Storm King Thunder’s giant storyline — and on PS4, too
Former EA and Oculus exec David Demartini passes away
Overwatch hits 7 million players in its first week
Gameloft CEO reportedly stepping down after Vivendi takeover
Dying Light studio Techland turns success into a game publishing business
Loot Crate digs up $18.5 million for its swag delivery service
Nintendo’s E3 streaming plan is more than just Zelda for Wii U
The Sims 4 ditches gender restrictions
Minecraft surpasses 100M copies sold as it continues conquering the world
Ready At Dawn unveils zany De-formers arena combat game for GameStop’s GameTrust label
Windows 10 adoption passes Windows 7 on Steam
Triseum gets $1.4 million to make educational games on art and calculus
Street Fighter V’s North American championships kick off November 4
The Immortals esports team acquires Tempo Storm’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad
GOG’s new Connect features gives you copies of games you own on Steam
Forget the NX — Nintendo gets into the shoe game with Vans
Brandnew IO launches influencer marketing platform
Microsoft working with Dell, HP, HTC, Intel to bring Windows Holographic beyond HoloLens
AMD launches new mobile processors for powerful entertainment laptops
Fallout 4’s first console mods now live on Xbox One
AMD’s $200 Radeon RX 480 video card gets gamers ‘VR ready’
Nearly 60% of mobile gamers watch an ad or take a survey 10 times a week
PlayStation Plus gives subscribers NBA 2K16 and Gone Home in June
Microsoft bans corporations from using Minecraft as a marketing tool
Fable gets a second chance as a digital card game on Kickstarter
Atari will enter IoT market with new connected devices in partnership with Sigfox
Unity adds new tiers to help wider variety of rookie developers
Intel launches 10-core Broadwell-e processor for gaming and VR
How Wargaming’s historians helped bring World of Warships to life
Microsoft Games pioneer Ed Fries spends 3 months fixing Gotcha, the first color arcade game
Nvidia: Our software is about building a ‘platform’
Berlin’s Aeria Games specializes in taking Asian games to the West
Nielsen: Games account for 10% of gamers’ leisure time

Above: Zynga’s Spin It Rich! Slots.Image Credit: Zynga
Mobile and social

Dragon Islands is a role-playing game you can play entirely in Telegram
Why you shouldn’t give up on a mobile game after a weak launch
Transformers: Earth Wars rolls out on mobile as Backflip releases its second Hasbro game
Tenjin raises $2.5 million to figure out the ROI for mobile marketing campaigns
Zynga doubles down on its social casino game talent
How Kabam self-published its Marvel mobile game in China — and hit No. 1
IMVU’s social avatar powers Kim Kardashian West’s new Kimoji app
ZapWorks takes mobile AR and VR creation to the masses
Mnectar gathers momentum for ‘playable ads’
Usens raises $20 million for mobile AR and VR hand-and-head tracking
Nearly 60% of mobile gamers watch an ad or take a survey 10 times a week
Playtech taps Funtactix’s Hollywood know-how for its casual games biz

Previews, reviews and interviews

Watch the insane Dangerous Golf in action right now
Overwatch is the best team shooter ever made
Hands-on with the zany Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault DLC

GamesBeat weekly roundup: Overwatch is a hit, and Minecraft passes 100M sold
GamesBeat weekly roundup: Overwatch is a hit, and Minecraft passes 100M sold

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