Guests arriving for marriage of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor with Delhi girl Meera Rajput are bonded in the bonds of marriage. Their relatives and guests arriving at the hotel Trident Gurgaon. The news that the hotel booked 50 rooms for the wedding are made. Last night, Shahid Kapoor and wife Meera Rajput our future with every swing of his music party appeared.The music party was held last night in Delhi Chhatarpur area. Shahid in his music party wore red Nehru shirt and Mira lemon-colored kilt-bodice Swaying appeared on tracks for Shahid.


Shahid songs were reports that the music at the party itself will sputter, where Mauja Mauja, Sari Falls bit, you will include songs such as My side by side. However, the procession reaching Delhi has begun a series of Sunday. (Photo: Twitter) reported that about 500 guests are invited to the wedding of Shahid. Well, the news about the wedding only close friends and relatives that also will include the July 12 reception in Mumbai by Indian Bollywood celebrities will be involved. Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapoor, his wife Supriya Pathak, son Ruhan reached the hotel on Sunday. According to sources, all related to the wedding ceremony will be at Mira Paladin Chhatarpur farmhouse, while the wedding party will be in the hotel in Gurgaon. Shahid-Mira’s family in marriage, both family friends, religious community associated with Radha Swami Satsang will include some people. That being said, that Shahid would be Pan’s wedding more than 50 ways in which chocolate and mango drink contains is. The wedding guests were ordered seven hundred betel palm. Shahid’s wedding dress designer Kunal Rawal has been assigned the task of designing. Shahid for Kunal said he had designed 10 outfits. Anamika Khanna are designed dress for the bride Mira.

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