Harmonix, Fender agree to keep Stratocasters in Rock Band through 2027

The year is 2027. Mutant cyber-corgis have taken over the surface. The human race now lives underground, and every restaurant is a Taco Bell. Thankfully, in this dystopian hellscape, Fender guitars are still in the video game Rock Band.
Developer Harmonix Music Systems has worked out a deal to keep Fender instruments in Rock Band video games until at least 2027. This means you will continue to see the music company’s guitars, basses, and amps as you play Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” for the 7,000th time. Harmonix has always worked to imbue the Rock Band games with authenticity, and Fender instruments are a key element of this. This also indicates that the developer has a vision for the long-term future of its renowned rhythm-game franchise as the $99.6 billion gaming industry moves forward.
Rock Band 4, which debuted in 2015, heavily featured Fender instruments. Harmonix and its hardware partner, MadCatz, also modeled the official guitar controller for the game after the Fender Stratocaster. By agreeing to a new deal, the two companies are ensuring that this pairing will continue for the next decade.
In a canned statement, Hamonix chief executive officer Steve Janiak explained that Rock Band is about empowering players to live out their “rock ‘n’ roll fantasies.” Keeping around familiar guitars and basses that some of the most famous bands in the world use is a part of delivering that experience.
“For decades, Fender’s iconic designs and signature sound have made them the guitar and amp of choice for many of rock’s greatest stars,” said Janiak. “Naturally, Fender has also been the guitar of choice for many of Rock Band’s aspiring rock stars dating back to the series’ introduction in 2007. I’m thrilled that they’ll continue to be a part of Rock Band well into our next decade.”
And as we fall asleep safe in our dirt homes in the year 2027, we will do so while clutching our Fender Rock Band controllers.

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Harmonix, Fender agree to keep Stratocasters in Rock Band through 2027
Harmonix, Fender agree to keep Stratocasters in Rock Band through 2027

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