HTTP / 2 Protocol will Speed up Your Site

We have implemented support for HTTP / 2 on the new servers.

The HTTP – a protocol that governs the connection between your server and the browsers of visitors to your site.  The HTTP / 2 – is the first update to the 1999 Protocol. And it promises us that sites will be much faster for everyone.

What are the opportunities in the new protocol?

In HTTP / 2 greater opportunities and benefits than the previous version Main – websites load much faster. This is achieved through a number of the novelties:http2-fast-websites


Due to HTTP protocol multiplesksirovaniyu / 2 data are transmitted via one TCP connection.While in the HTTP / 1.1 for each item constituting the Web page, it is necessary to create a separate connection. Given that such compounds could be simultaneously only about 6, is essentially slowed down the download pages.


When designing HTTP / 2 is also taken into account the fact that the need to provide a visual page loading speed to the user. Each thread is assigned to the boot priority. For example, if the web page is quite long, it is possible in the first place to download content at the top of the page.

header Compression

Modern web page consists of many elements: image, JS, CSS and others. The request to download each of these elements of the browser sends HTTP-header. By submitting the requested items, the server adds them to the title. Thus, network bandwidth is consumed as to transmit a large amount of overhead.

In HTTP / 2 headers are transmitted in compressed form. This reduces the amount of information exchanged between a server and a browser. HPACK special algorithm has been developed that eliminates the known vulnerabilities that can intercept the information.

Server push

This is another powerful feature of HTTP / 2 protocol. Now the server in response to the request can send additional elements that need browser. For example, now when you request a page except for the server can send the page once JavaScript and CSS files that are needed to display it.

SSL and encryption

The developers of HTTP / 2 essentially implemented it only for secure connections. So, if you want to go to the HTTP / 2 protocol, you will need a commercial SSL certificate.

How to switch to HTTP / 2?

We believe that the transition to the HTTP protocol / 2 will significantly accelerate the download sites most of our customers, as well as significantly reduce the load on the servers.

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