LinkedIn goes down following Microsoft acquisition (Update: Fixed)

Professional social network LinkedIn may be down for some users, coming just days after its $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft. Some have reported receiving a 502 error, which the company defines as “a server hangup,” while others, like myself, have received a nicer error message saying that the company’s getting “things cleaned up” and that “we’ll be back soon.”
@NickLuallin What happens when you try and access the site? -AML
— LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp) June 16, 2016

LinkedIn’s mobile apps also appear to be affected by this outage. On an iPhone, I received an error message when perusing my News Feed and not displaying any posts and other sections such as messaging and notifications were slow to load.
It appears that this outage may only be affecting some of the company’s 433 million members. In a tweet from its customer service account, LinkedIn said that its team is aware of the issue and is “actively working on this!” After the service was down for more than 10 minutes, LinkedIn issued this tweet, but didn’t provide an estimated time for a fix to be made:
Some members may be experiencing issues with our site. Our team is working hard to resolve. Stay tuned.
— LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp) June 16, 2016

For LinkedIn, having an outage, however brief, isn’t a common thing. The last publicly reported downtime that was significant is believed to have occurred in 2014 when a technical issue caused the service to go down for three days. A company spokesperson at the time offered this explanation: “[The network operations team] were able to explain that while conducting regular site maintenance, we ran into an issue where particular client IP addresses were not routed correctly. The issue has been resolved.”
As mentioned earlier, the timing of this issue occurs just two days after the company was acquired by Microsoft in a deal that’s expected to be complete later this year. LinkedIn will remain independent, at least when it comes to brand and culture and chief executive Jeff Weiner will also continue to lead the company.
While it’s too early in the acquisition phase to place this outage on Microsoft, that hasn’t stopped others from making jokes. Oddly, no one has referenced Clippy.
The Microsoft magic is already apparent at LinkedIn.
— Michael Petch (@MichaellPetch) June 16, 2016

Updated at 7:10 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday: LinkedIn’s customer service Twitter account posted at 6:21 p.m. Pacific that the issues some users experienced today “have been cleared.” No specific reasons for the outage have been specified and we have reached out to the company for additional comment.
The issues some members experienced with our site earlier have been cleared. Thanks for your patience.
— LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp) June 16, 2016

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LinkedIn goes down following Microsoft acquisition (Update: Fixed)
LinkedIn goes down following Microsoft acquisition (Update: Fixed)

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