Mexican drug leader El Chapo Guzman, escaped from a jail

El-Chapo-Guzman-escapedMexico linked to drug trafficking in the highly guarded a cartel leader fled the prison. The second time he has escaped from prison in 15 years.

Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin El Capo Guzman was arrested last year. Mexico’s National Security Advisor (CNS) reported that in the Altiplano prison Guzman on Saturday night in a portion of the video seen. Then when he did not appear on the video, then the security but he did not find her in her cell.

How he escaped from prison were not told anything about it. To catch him on the road has campaigned extensively in search of vehicles. Also flights from the airport of Toluca near the prison were discontinued.

Before being arrested in 1993 after he had escaped from prison in 2001. In America many cases of drug trafficking against Guzman running.

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