Mobile ROI: How mobile app and game developers can achieve massive results (VB Live)

VB LIVE: The pressure to achieve ROI in mobile is greater than ever — and, at the same time, more complex than ever. Our panel of front-line veterans will be breaking down the essential steps and calculations necessary to demystify the process.
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ROI is the holy grail every app or game developer is after. But when it comes to mobile, many still struggle to measure the impact of their investment. That’s not exactly good news given that mobile investment is steadily increasing. Just consider a Redhat survey showing that 90 percent of companies increased their mobile app investment in 2016. And if you’re investing company dollars — whether in further development or marketing — you better be able to show more more dollars coming in.
One of the biggest challenges with mobile ROI is knowing what to measure, especially at a time when you have more data than you could ever possibly use. You need to plan for ROI out of the starting gate, and that means knowing what to measure, when to measure it, and how to measure it. As important, you need to know what metrics to avoid — vanity metrics (like certain social media metrics) may make you feel good, but may never translate to the bottom line.
So are you going to measure installs, session length, mobile conversion rate, average order value? And how do you measure ROI on lifetime value?
Targeting is key: if you’re unsure of who your campaigns are targeting and what your overall objectives are, your ROI will unsurprisingly suffer as a result. Combine this with understanding the complexity of mobile marketing tactics — in-app messaging, retargeting, segmentation, for example — and how each affects ROI and how, together, they multiply.
Plus, to have a productive ROI strategy, you’ll need to know when to start focusing on ROI as your main metric. That’s determined in a number of ways, and you don’t want to sabotage yourself by applying unrealistic goals and metrics.
Join our VB Live event to break down the perplexing elements of ROI and turn them into comprehensible insights that are easy to digest. Our panel of experts include Sebastian Goldt of Innogames, Jonathan Winters of Miniclip Games, and Adjust Co-Founder and CTO Paul H Müller. Together, these pros from the top gaming outfits will deliberate on the best methods for jumpstarting your ROI plans.
If you ever had a question about ROI that drove you a bit crazy, this is the place you’ll want to be.

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In this VB Live event, we’ll be debating:

How the best of the best measure ROI (calculations, methods and techniques: how the experts do it)
How to solve key challenges and roadblocks to getting great results
Why and when ROI should become your core metric


Sebastian Goldt, Lead Performance Ad Networks, Lead Performance Ad Networks, Innogames
Jonathan Winters, User Acquisition Specialist, Miniclip Games
Paul H Müller, Co-Founder and CTO, adjust
Stewart Rogers, Analyst, VentureBeat

This VB Live event is sponsored by adjust.
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Mobile ROI: How mobile app and game developers can achieve massive results (VB Live)
Mobile ROI: How mobile app and game developers can achieve massive results (VB Live)

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