Nobel Prize Winner wishes to capture San snapped-Education Institutes Modi

Nalanda University Vice-Chancellor as a Nobel Prize winner to withdraw candidacy for a second term Economist Amartya Sen, a direct attack on Narendra Modi government has spoken. They were written in the New York Review of Books, 4 thousand words in essays about leaving Nalanda University is explained. Educational Institutes alleged that Modi government wants direct control over.Please tell that on July 17 the new Vice Chancellor of the Nalanda
University as a former Foreign Minister George Yeo of Singapore and will work.
I pulled out: San
essay published before speaking to an English newspaper Academic Institutes Sen government, the central government’s “strikingly large-scale ‘meddling talked about. Sen said, ” I was most certainly out of Nalanda. ” According to Sen, a member of the university board were ready to fight for them. But I went out because I so did not want to give an ineffective leadership. If I continue my term loss of university status and the funds available to go to the stop. Sen said, ” is not just a matter of Nalanda.This scale has not interfered to date. All that the government institute a formal role, the intervention is being extended. It did not happen in any other phase of the PM. ”
Economy regarding lashed
Sen said the Indian economy is in a poor state and the budget cuts made ​​in the health and education sectors are against. Sen said, ‘I am not against ever industries, but no country uneducated and unhealthy workforce can not be achieved through the industry sector great place.’ ‘According to Sen, the Modi government has failed to understand that the Market Economy better public services is needed. Sen said, “India 1.2 per cent of GDP is spent on public health, 1.3 per cent while China. The 1.2 per cent to 1 per cent now have been reduced. India, like China wants growth, but he ignored the fact that China’s health services are strikingly better. Sen believes that the UPA government was presented in 2013 by the Land Bill was Confusion, the NDA bill ‘widely’ is wrong. Sen said, ‘Modi not understand the basic fact that the development in the heart of the common people.

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