Overwatch’s first new hero, Ana, is now live

Overwatch just got a dose of new energy shot into its head from 120 yards away.
A new patch just released for Blizzard’s newest game, and with it comes Ana, the online shooter’s first new hero since it launched in May. Ana is a healer/sniper hybrid character. Overwatch is a big hit for Blizzard, and adding new (especially free) content like this will keep players engaged. The team-based shooter is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Overwatch is a full priced game, and new characters release for free. Overwatch does charge for microtransactions, but those are only for cosmetic items. This is different from the market’s other big team shooter, Team Fortress 2, which also charges for cosmetics but is free-to-play. It’s also different for online strategy games like League of Legends and Blizzard’s own Heroes of the Storm, which is also free but charges for characters and other items.
Ana can heal faraway allies by shooting them with her rifle. Those same shots can also damage enemies. Ana has a grenade that also heals friends and damages foes, while her sleep dart can incapacitate enemy players. Her ultimate ability can super charge a single ally, improving their strength and speed.
The new patch also adds buffs to the tank D.Va and healer Zenyatta, so expect to see them become more popular additions to your teams.
This is a pretty big day for Blizzard. The company also released a new patch for World of Warcraft that adds new feature to the online role-playing game ahead of the launch of its new expansion, Legion, later this month.
Overwatch’s first new hero, Ana, is now live
Overwatch’s first new hero, Ana, is now live

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