Samsung released a video on the network the first flexible smartphone in the world

Foldable Valley - the first flexible smartphone from Samsung
Foldable Valley – the first flexible smartphone from Samsung

For years, the most eminent manufacturers of gadgets are working to create a flexible smartphone or tablet. And it looks like the first, Samsung was in this difficult case. video appeared on the network on which the representative of the company shows a first and a flexible gadget world.

Shown recently.
Shown recently.

To date, the American company Apple is perhaps the absolute leader in the production of smart phones market. Americans are “pressured” market is fundamentally new technologies. This fact is understood by all the competitors, and giants such as Samsung just can not ignore this fact. Therefore, the leading company of mobile technology market try not to stand still and is constantly coming up with something completely new.

Early concept.
Early concept.

One of the most, if not promising, then certainly intriguing trends today is to create a multi-functional gadgets and hybrid mobile technology in a flexible housing. In recent years, the idea of ​​creating a flexible screen confidently capture technology market, not only mobile. Many manufacturers of home appliances, for example, want to develop flexible displays and televisions.

Samsung is in the development of flexible displays is not only a pioneer, but also the clear leader. Thus, such a device has been announced by the South Korean giant has in 2016. The project was named Foldable Valley and we know about it very little. Perhaps only that the 7-inch tablet is created within the framework of this initiative, with a flexible touch screen. The main feature of the tablet is that its screen can fold or fold.

In early March, Foldable Valley was presented at a private screening. We saw him only representatives of Samsung’s most important investors. Such secrecy on the one hand indicates a (most likely) a high degree of readiness of the device, on the other – on the fear to prevent the leakage of new technologies. The brainchild of South Korean engineers today is positioned as the Galaxy S8 killer.

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