Sunita Williams was elected to the first commercial space travel

Sunita-WilliamsIndian-American astronaut Sunita Williams, among those four veteran astronauts NASA Tue human on the planet by 2030, its ambitious plan to launch the first commercial spacecraft, chose to fly. Robert Behnken, 49-year-old Williams with Eric Bo and Douglas Hurley will train and preparations will start commercial space flights. NASA Administrator Charles Boulden said the new act will be performed by distinguished veteran astronaut who will replace him in the history books and the Americans to launch on Tue. NASA said that the four astronauts to the international space station Kriyu Kriyu transport system to provide transportation services to get to work with The Boeing Company and Spesaks. Boulden said we are on Tue journey, and 2030 florid decade, American astronauts to the planet to fulfill their goal of sending us deep space and unique work being carried out on the ISS needs to be able to focus on both.Professional Kriyu program manager, Kathy said we Luaders Professional Kriyu program, working with Boeing and Spesaks and ultimately on corporate flight test missions to work to find such enthusiastic group of experienced astronauts. Sunita has long round of two space trips. Spent 322 days in space, and overall he just made ​​a woman from the total accumulated in the space walk (Speswak) is 50 hours and 40 minutes to record their names.

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